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“Don’t Let Fear be the obstacle that prevents you from achieving your Dreams and better health. Get back up and try again and again.”

Hi, my name is Catherine Sanson, welcome to my site. The purpose of this website is to bring awareness to this world through my experiences and knowledge. The more I know, the more I will continue to share.

Are you finding it challenging to find the right choices to live a healthy and fit life? Are you living the life you want? Have you discovered your purpose in life?

What do you see yourself looking and feeling like in the next 5 or 10 years from now?
Most of you want to be flexible, mobile, energized, happy, healthy and fit.
But what are you willing to do about that now? Are you ready to wake up, take action and make the shift to a better healthy lifestyle?

Stop making excuses and begin now. Start making the changes to live a fit and healthy life. Your body is the most important vehicle you have so why are you not taking care of it?

As a Registered Nurse, International health and wellness advocate, mother, and fitness enthusiast, health and longevity are my first priorities. I believe it should be on every human beings top priority list. But as we all know, it isn’t. Society have put their homes, cars, careers and materialistic wants before their own health and well being. Most of the time its never thought of until disease hits them. Cancer, heart disease, Diabetes, obesity is on the rise globally because of this lack of awareness of self. Instead of spending billions of dollars on growing potatoes on Mars, we should be focusing on how to improve our drinking waters, oxygen in the air, how to sustain life on our planet Earth, how to combat climate changes, conserve our oceans and rainforests, create safer cities and strengthening global partnerships. Did you know that 1 out of every 4 deaths below the age of 5 worldwide is due to water related deaths because of not having clean water? Are you aware that many countries cannot breath fresh oxygen? New Delhi, India and Beijing, China and Cairo, Egypt are the top three countries with the worst air. Then, Santiago, Chile and Mexico City, Mexico.

Good health depends largely on awareness, choices and intention. It incorporates all the elements of the body, mind, spirit, cultural and the environment. We need to understand that food is medicine. Good Health is true wealth.

In my first book, I created a system I call the N.O.W.E.S. system.  It is like a jump-start to a deeper understanding of the basic physiological, mental and individualized techniques that will help you achieve an improved, intuitive sense of your own body.

It’s the A,B,C’s of living.

Most diseases and ailments can be prevented by eating healthy nutrient packed foods, proper hydration, incorporating a daily exercise routine, meditation/deep breathing, relaxation techniques and adequate sleep. The N.O.W.E.S. system- the ABC’s of Living a Healthy Lifestyle is everything you need to do today to get you on your way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

It’s a simple check off list that can be incorporated in your daily life. It will help heal your injuries, pain will decrease, respiratory and immune system will become more efficient. You will feel connected to your
body, heart, mind and be left with a feeling of euphoria, sense of calmness and peace. The N.O.W.E.S. approach will teach you techniques that I learned through my own experiences and travels that will help improve your health and hopefully keep you out of the hospital.

For example; The nurse teaches you to Deep Breath and Cough after surgery. You learn to expand your
lung capacity by using an incentive spirometer to breath into. That is actually a visual learning tool to teach you to deep breath effectively. If you are giving birth or have an ailment in the lungs you are taught to breathe through pursed lips helping you to control your breathing. BUT why do we need to be ill to start learning to breath effectively, lets do it while we are well and healthy! The simple process of proper deep breathing saturates our cells with oxygen that gives us life and can help rejuvenate the cells of the body by giving it one of the most important ingredients of life, OXYGEN. It is the missing link to better health and well-being that sedentary people need to incorporate in their lives that will help prevent illness in the body.

Part of being a Registered Nurse, I’ve witnessed life and death in the emergency room. What stood out is that many non accidental ailments could have been prevented or recovery time reduced
if patients had stuck to a healthy diet and exercised at least 30 minutes 3 times per week. You may not be able to stop that drunk driver behind the wheel that hit you, or prevent the disasters that sometimes nature creates but you can make it through this difficult time after your
injury, loss, accident, or deep emotional experience. It seems hopeless at first…
After a traumatic event, the body needs time to adequately heal.
Now a days, we humans want a quick cure, a quick fix, a magic pill, but end up only creating a larger up hill battle to achieve “wellness” because of those so called cures.

This is a time our bodies need specific care and time, and for us to consume a natural “nature” approach to healing through healthy nutrient dense foods. The human body is a miraculous machine and if we give it what it needs to heal, I believe it will. We need to educate ourselves and not believe all the “hype” these big pharmaceutical and
billion dollar company campaigns try to convince us why we need to take their products.

Majority of the time, they are just another overpriced so called “magic pill” that really does nothing to provide the health seeking individual with real health benefits. I was stunned observing the clear difference between those patients who did and those who didn’t adhere to common sense health rules. Just take a look at our geriatric population alone, they are on at least six different prescription medications ranging from lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, reducing pain, and inducing
sleep. These medications are toxic to the body! Read the adverse reactions on the labels.  Its no wonder many of these individuals feel fatigued, depressed, have a lack of an appetite, are nauseated and constipated. And instead of looking at the whole body, again their doctors give them more medications to counteract the adverse reactions to the first medications.

71410.24.201110.26.2011In my own life, after giving birth to my first child, a healthy boy, I stuck to my personal nutritional
and physical convictions and was back in a bikini, shooting a Calendar, merely 3 months after delivery.
In fact, I was in the best shape of my life and decided to compete in the Utah classic, while
breastfeeding, so I had to keep eating healthy foods which meant no extreme “carb cutting,” or taking sports supplements with stimulants in them. Lots of wheat grass and fresh squeezed carrot juices, salads and organic lean meats did miracles with my figure and endurance. And above all, my son too loved the near endless flow of milk that his relentless thirst triggered.Cat NPC 2004 3.35 MB10.24.201110.26.2011

In 2004, further testing my N.O.W.E.S. System, I competed in my first figure competition, the Utah Spring Classic and placed 2nd while still breast feeding my then 6 month old son.

Still not convinced that I had tried all variations of diet and training, I entered the 2005 GNC California State Championships and placed 3rd and qualified me to compete in the Nationals. I registered to compete in the USA Nationals in Las Vegas Nevada but had to cancel the show.
Unfortunately, at this same time, I was also weening my son off breastfeeding which was not an easy task to do only a week out of competing. And if anyone knows about this experience, breasts can be
very tender, painful and engorged. It was an experience I did not anticipate would affect me so greatly. It took several weeks before both my son and I transitioned. However, I still managed to compete in the Team Universe held in New York which was held less than a month after the USA. I placed 11th out of 30 competitors in my class. Not bad for my first National
figure show, but my life is more than placing in figure and bodybuilding contests.

In 2011, I was hit by a careless driver running a red light and it has left me with neck, lower back and hip issues that I must deal with each day. Competing in fitness competitions came to an immediate halt. But things happen for reasons and I believe God had a bigger plan for me. Being educated in nutrition, I made the conscious choice to stay away from toxic and addicting pain medications that were temporary and only mask the injury, instead I took the longer approach and used natural anti-inflammatory herbs such as Curcumin (Tumeric) and Fish Oils, Omega 3, Flax seed oils, Ginger, Resveratrol, probiotics and green tea extracts (EGCG), I sought out natural healing treatments such as acupuncture, chinese blood letting, cupping, massage, muscle electrical stimulations and traction to help alleviate the pain. I used my knowledge of exercise to continue to move the body to prevent stiffness, keep functioning through activities of daily living, increasing circulation throughout the body and provide increased oxygenation for better well-being. These modalities made this time and injuries more manageable. Despite three of the best Beverly Hills spinal medical doctors advice recommending cervical surgery, I was determined to heal my body through healing modalities and proper nutrition and go against surgery. It’s been a trial and error journey because the athlete mind didn’t agree with the injury clearly on my body. But, I eventually accepted my limitations and embraced them. I learned to adapt and make the needed changes from lifting the extremely heavy weights which really served no purpose in my life and turned to more gentle exercises such as cycling, hiking, yoga, and swimming which today I can say was actually the best choice I could have made for better healthier living in the long run and it also kept me from dangerous surgery. Overall, it has pushed me to seek out a holistic approach to living a healthier lifestyle. I have a better understanding on how the power of our minds and thoughts can make an impact on our bodies. I have a better sense of “being” in the moment, breathing with intention and centering my heart. Having gone through this, has further enhanced my knowledge about holistic living and the importance of incorporating it in everyday living. We are all connected in this world.

The purpose of this website is to share my knowledge of health and well-being, as well as share my experiences  so others can learn from my own mistakes in hopes it will help or inspire others to seek out good health so healing can begin.

Sometimes in order to fully heal from difficult times in life and be able to move forward, one needs to write it down and forgive and let the past go.  Forgiveness does not mean you allow the trauma to re-enter your life but instead doing so helps release the toxins from your body so you can heal. What I want my readers to know is that no matter what you may be going through in life remember  Take care of your body and mind by eating healthy nutrient foods, breathe deeply every day, exercise, get adequate sleep each night and lastly have faith.  In order to get through the darkness the  body and mind needs nourishment. 

Perhaps, one day with enough convincing my 2nd  book will find itself on the shelves in hopes it may help inspire someone to trust their own intuition and when they see those red flags in their relationships, they will run as fast as they can and never look back.  I share the following to show how my N.OW.E.S. System further helped my life.

It took me a long time to face reality that I was in an unhealthy marriage. A marriage that was not only physically and emotionally abusive but financially abusive.  Like many in domestic violence situations,  I had my blinders on and had come to accept this as normal and became financially dependent which made it even harder to see things clearly and realize I needed to exit this marriage.  On the exterior everything always looks so picture perfect, when in fact, it was far from perfect.  

People only see the exterior and what you want them to see, but what happens behind closed doors are sometimes never told.  No one wants to be a victim. I included.  And worse, made to feel helpless.  I am empowered by admitting my flaws and weaknesses.  There wasn’t a full week in my marriage that went by that I wasn’t crying myself to sleep.   From the very first day I moved to Utah, all the red flags were already witnessed and my gut signaled;  fly back to California!

I didn’t trust my instincts to run away quickly.  Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Salt Lake Tribune and Barron’s Magazine articles in June 2012 will give you some insight to the madness I was dealing with in the early years and then the years to follow.

Let’s just say; when a man is consumed with seeking out revenge from his former wife it doesn’t cause harmony in a new marriage.  My silence will be revealed one day  in another book in working title, “The Cat’s Out of the Bag.”  But for now perhaps, it never has to be published as I believe not everything needs to be written in a book or perhaps I need the right buttons to be pushed.

From time to time, I am still asked about what transpired in 2012 with the Billion-dollar Nuskin Enterprise Company?  What happened?  Did they pay him off?  To set the record straight, I never wanted any involvement with any of it and chose to stay out of the media circus that surrounded it.  In the end, I unwillingly was made to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the payout amount and all I can say in this page is it was a lot more than what was actually disclosed to me. 

I was made privy to this from an attorney from a different court financial  discovery proceedings almost a  year later when subpoena bank statement deposits showed multiple  payments by the same company.  However, with additional  bank accounts still not given, the actual amount is still unknown and could still be ongoing.  

The big question is?  Do I walk away gracefully with dignity and let truth seekers figure it out on their own? 

Just when you think life can’t get any worse, it takes another turn. Without getting into to many details,  after my ex received what he wanted from his extortion “book”,  he turned around and filed for divorce and attempted to destroy the harmony my son and I had in order to keep me silent about what MLM distributers were not supposed to know about what actually transpired with this billion dollar company.

In 2013, I found myself dealing with an ever so complicated and financially draining divorce and custody court battle that lasted for a little over 3 years!   It quickly turned into whether or not I can financially afford to survive the court battle costs.  This is when you must stand firm with your convictions and have faith in God. Although the court process can be extremely  slow, eventually justice will be served.  But at what costs?

The financial loss was great and what could of been used for college tuition is gone but it’s only money and all the so called “materialistic stuff” can all be replaced.  What was most important during this lengthy process was to continue to surround myself with love, faith and keep my health intact and my son safe, happy and healthy.  These can never be replaced and its something I want to stress with all I meet.

After a long and costly court battle, and letters and support from  doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, coaches, agents, family and friends who all knew my son personally,  I received full legal and physical custody.  With time, love and care the nightmares have ended for both of us.  And slowly my son is back on track with his life and has achieved much success in all aspects of his life;  achieving his 1st degree blackbelt in Mixed martial arts, receiving his SAG-AFTRA card and he expresses desires to one day be a Plastic Surgeon if he isn’t a big motion picture actor.

As for what direction my son takes in his future, I leave it up to him to make his own choices in life because in the end as a parent our children’s happiness and well-being is the most important.  No matter what happens, we love them unconditionally.

When I finally cleansed myself from the toxic relationship, I gained my strength, my confidence, focus and my self esteem was restored. It was then that I decided to step back on stage and I competed in the 2015 Ms Asia USA Pagaent representing my birth country, The Philippines. I placed 3rd runner up. This competition was not as strenuous as my past competitions in bodybuilding or figure competitions but with the stress from the on-going court battle, I was surprised to have even placed at all.

However, I was able to smile and look as proud as the national costume I wore. Pictures can give the illusion that everything is seemingly perfect when in fact it was far from it.

So open your eyes and don’t just view the world superficially and believe all the hype and con artists.  Knowledge is power.

Getting back on stage was not to say, “hey I’m beautiful” but more about empowering myself to get back on stage again and doing things that were seemingly impossible. I needed to step outside of my comfort zone the so called box I had put around myself. I am so glad I did as it was the first step I needed to take to start living and finding my passions again in life. I believe an actress/model that has gone through real life experiences and loss can only bring more to the theatrical table. Do your passions in life and you will be happier. It’s okay to fail. It is part of being human. It’s not okay to stop living when we are capable of doing so much, even walk on the moon!

On February 27, 2016, I was honored with receiving the first award from Stunt director and Producer Andy Armstrong called the Andy Armstrong Positive Action Award. Every day that I see this award, I will remember the day my son finally had a voice and had all the audience standing at the end of his speech.  This experience has  inspired my  son to create a law called “Luke’s Law”, giving children who show competency and intelligence to have the right to make decisions on their own behalf. 

My son was not given a choice and had to endure 3 years of the court proceedings which required him to attended weekly therapy sessions and unwilling supervised visitations only to come to the same conclusions. 

I believe “Luke’s Law” will give children the right to make choices early on in life instead of waiting until they are teenagers.  Some children at the age of 9-11 are well beyond their years and can articulate very clearly their needs and wishes.

For now I embrace all of the good and the bad that has happened these past 12 years and will continue to help others to be the best that they can be. 

What I have learned through the years is to not allow people or circumstances to prevent you from accomplishing your dreams in this lifetime. This is your life, be you, take control of it and consciously live your life.

The key to staying healthy in mind, body and spirit during these difficult challenges we all must face from time to time, is to first be grateful and smile each day, incorporate daily exercise and yoga stretching, focused intentional deep breathing including meditation even if it’s just five minutes a day will help give you clarity in your mind, try to eat nutrient dense foods coming from majority of organic fruits and vegetables. This is nothing new our greatest philosophers, ancient healers all knew that food is medicine. Food can heal you and also cause havoc in your body if not chosen correctly. Food should nourish your body with potent natural vitamins and can help combat the physical and emotional stress.

Laugh as much as you can and seek out humor in life it will decrease cortisol levels, stress and it is contagious when around others. Laughter is contagious! Give and receive lots of hugs during the day because touch therapy is healing. Make YOU, YOUR health a priority today. I hope this site will encourage people around the world to start making healthier lifestyle choices and provides information to help lead you in a new intentional and conscious direction and PURPOSE in life. This website, is evolving as I evolve and learn more about the world, people, cultures and healing techniques to improve our body, mind, spirit, earth. Don’t let your fears of the unknown, be an obstacle. Get back up, BELIEVE in yourself, surround yourself with LOVE and FAITH and make the shift to better living today!
In good health, peace, happiness and an abundance of love,
Catherine Therese Sanson, R.N.

“You can change the world by being yourself.”