Opposed to the Cambodian and Indonesian culture Thais are very adaptive people, who, while embracing modern life still hold on to some age old social rules. They love sports and are all over Thai-boxing and even weight training is very popular among the urban dwellers. Its a macho climate and meat plays a big role in feeding the testosterone lifestyle. Outperforming many US and European Gyms, I was amazed by the well equipped gyms Bangkok has to offer that include a cafe serving nice healthy snacks and protein shakes. This is a place that has really transformed.

Thais eat pretty much anything from Western junk foods to their own traditional foods that consist of cooked curry and Jasmin white rice, chicken, beef, fish, and, unfortunately, a lot of sodium stacked noodles and fried rice… In the nicest malls, they also offer wheat grass, organic fruit juice that could beat our Jamba Juices’s anytime. It would take an hour to discuss all the varieties of the Thai cuisine, but overall I can say that majority is overcooked and lacks live nutrients.

One of the healthiest fruits, filled with antioxidants, mangosteen, derives from Thailand. Sweet, delicious with a delicate meaty flesh. I could eat this fruit everyday.

Conclusion: Thailand has lots of variety of exotic nutrient packed fruits and assortments of veggies. But to get the highest nutrients from the cuisine, blanch the veggies, keep using the currries as tumeric is high on the ORAC scales. and keep the MSG and high sodium off the food.

Catherine Sanson

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