While traveling through East and West Malaysia, including Borneo, I met all kinds of ethnically diverse groups including the original nomadic forest people of Malaysia the Orang Asli Senois.

This small group of people are the only remaining tribal unit available that have not been entirely corrupted by Western influence and their diet, consisting of mainly large amounts of fresh forest greens, home grown yams and vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, white rice and beans. For protein; forest animals like wild pig. Despite having a genetic connection, to the Polynesians, (incl. Samoans, who are believed to originate from Malaysia), their body type, mainly due to the difference in nutritional habits, is smaller and lighter than their Samoan counter parts who ended up stumbling on an abundance of food and fish typical of the Polynesian Islands.

In order to meet the Orang Asli I had to join a group of Malays from Kuala Lumpur for a day, who (unfortunately) were, committed to “help” the Orang Asli by bringing religion.

All that motivated me was to learn from these forest people and it was difficult to watch the distribution of all the junk food brought in by the Malays to nudge the indigenous people to listen to their nonsensical religious babble. Regardless of these ridiculous conditions, it was educational to exchange some of the traditional knowledge I was looking for.

It always amazes me that people still expect long term value by imposing their corruptive, dubious agenda. As if there is anything these people really need after living peacefully for 4000 years based on values that can only be destroyed by misguided philosophies produced by a Western society that is killing it self with polluted and adulterated foods that only support a ruthless industry destined to hurt us all in a fraction of time.

Conclusion: The arrogance, on a local scale, led by Islamic Malays, and on a global front by the Westernized countries, despite their great inventions and wonderful qualities, project up on cultures that have functioned well without compromising their proven ways of survival has been extremely costly to even the West itself.

This statement is supported by every unbiased evaluation done since the invention of canned food in the 1940’s and the proceeding agricultural, industrial revolution that gave birth to the insanity of of subsidized corn (read: The Omnivores Dilemma, by: Michael Pollan and the book: Fast Food Nation by: Eric Schlosser), toxic waste, polluted oceans, you name it. This may sound harsh, but how else can the deliberate, relentless, rapid,  destruction of land and resources be allowed in contrast to age old sustainable ways of life of people and animals who don’t ask to be converted, nor displaced?

In some ways not much better than the Malay ran government, we allow the same treatment of us by the food industry, who doesn’t offer a choice by asking us if we want the toxic garbage added into our foods that it produces. To our benefit and saving grace, we now do have reasonable alternatives, which, when time passes, may become the new standard for Western society to coexist with all others, but chances are, by the time we have finally figured out some form of balance, the rest of the world is still stuck in the “Take and Consume” era that killed or at least polluted most of the planet before we evolved.

Catherine Sanson

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