The one treat I would say is permissible more often is a few ounces of organic dark chocolate. This actually has healthy antioxidant properties and can be part of tasty treat every few days.

So, in general, reserve sweets for when you are out of the house, when you are less likely to control your access to them. And honestly, once you start to adopt the proper nutrition principles I’ve outlined here, and make them part of your lifestyle, being selective and moderate about the sweet stuff is easy to do…especially when you’re giving the body the nutrient rich foods that it craves naturally.

Your body won’t constantly crave all of that sugar and fat once you’ve been feeding it a steady dose of the good stuff! On top of that, treating yourself really can be a treat, when it’s done infrequently and in moderation. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving at mom’s house.

Catherine Sanson

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